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About US

Randy Fuhrman Events has "A Taste for Entertaining".  With over 45 years of experience, we are recognized by the special events industry for our talent, experience,  and passion for catering and event production. Randy Fuhrman Events has won numerous industry awards including three for Outstanding Event presented by Special Events Magazine, and the Beverly Hills Chamber Golden Palm Award for Innovation in Small Business. We proudly earn repeat business from our extensive list of prominent clients by designing signature event experiences.

From the most intimate dinner for two, to a full blown event for thousands, Randy Fuhrman Events handles your event from finding the location to creating a branded gift. Whether in state, out of state or international, we want your experience to be incredible as our team will take the worry away from all the details and let you be an honored guest at your own gathering.

Some of Our Previous Clients

20 Century Fox                                                         Ferrari of Beverly Hills                                      Norman Lear
ABC Sports                                                               Fox Television                                                  Oglivy Public Relations
Aids Project Los Angeles                                          George Lopez Golf Tournament                        Ole` Canada
Barbara Streisand                                                     Hanna Barbera, Inc.                                         Oprah Winfrey Network
Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce                         Harry Winston Jewelers                                   OUTFest
Blendr                                                                      Hilton Hotels                                                     Pacific Design Center
Boy Scouts of America                                              Honda                                                              Paul, Hastings, Janofsky and Walker, LLC
Bubble Boy Premiere                                                Hong Kong Association                                     Paramount Pictures
Buena Vista Pictures Marketing                                 Houlihan, Lokey, Howard & Zukin LLC               Playboy Enterprises
California Association of Mortgage Bankers               101 Dalmatians Premiere, El Capitan                 Princess of Jakarta
California Mart                                                          John Travolta                                                    Richard Dreyfuss
Capitol Records                                                        John & Sandy Carpenter                                   Ron Meyer
Castle Rock Entertainment                                        Jungle to Jungle Premiere                                Sebastian International
Chelsea Handler                                                       Kawasaki                                                         Sheraton Hotels
CBS Studios                                                              KPMG                                                               Showtime
Century Plaza Hotel & Towers                                    Lora Piana, Beverly Hills                                   Skechers
City of Hope                                                              Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce                 Southern Comfort
Clinique Laboratories                                                Los Angeles Times                                            Stuart Weitzman
Comedy Store                                                           Los Angeles Urban League                                South by Southwest/Forbes
Creative Artist Agency                                              KTLA – Johnny Grant                                        Tigger Premiere       
Dan Rather                                                               Macy’s                                                               Time Warner Cable
David Beinstock – Target Enterprises                       Mexican Tourism Bureau                                     Turner Broadcasting
Diana Ross                                                               MTV Network                                                     Turner Entertainment Group
Deloitte & Touche                                                     NAWBO                                                              United Way
Dinosaurs Premiere                                                  New Yorker Magazine                                         Universal Studios                                         Disney Consumer Products                                       Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards                       Walt Disney Studios
Edelman Public Relations Worldwide                         Might Joe Young Premiere                                  Warner Brothers Music
Ernst & Young                                                           Motown Records – Berry Gordy
Extra! Host, Dayna Devon                                          Nicolas Cage