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5 Qualities To Look for in a Wedding Photographer

As your wedding day is of course one of the most important days of your life, the hard work that went into planning and executing the event should be celebrated and documented as well. Just as important as finding your groom/bride, so is finding the perfect photographer to capture the ambience of your special day. Here are 5 tips to finding your soulmate in the photographer department. 

5 Qualities


1. Research the potential photographer’s portfolio

This would have to be the most integral part of your search, as we recommend that you view their previous work extensively. Being that you have already created a vision and feel for your big day, it is crucial that you find an individual with a similar aesthetic to help elevate the photos captured for your event. It is helpful to look into their website as well as their social media accounts to gain a better understanding of their personal style and previous work. Consistency is important, and through researching their previous work, you will be able to determine if they can meet your expectations.  Additionally, when meeting with the photographer, it is helpful to arrive with visuals of your ideas in order to see if a successful collaboration will be possible. 


2. Ask for creative ideas/opinions for the shoot

While discussing your theme and set up of the wedding, feel free to ask the potential photographer for their ideas as to how the shoot will go, and what it will look like. Here is their opportunity to wow you with their creative input. If your ideas align, this will help to create a seamless shoot that captures the essence of you and your partner’s personalities in combination with the theme. 


3. Make sure you are sticking to your budget as it is easy to stray

When pursuing a photographer, it is important to discuss the details of your budget in order to determine if this partnership will be a success. You will need to inquire about the pricing of the photo packages and the details of what they include. Some of the features should explain the editing process, number of prints offered and any digital copies that will be sent to you. By getting a personalized quote, you will be able to shop around and see which photographer will end up being the perfect fit.


4. Communication is key

Having open lines for communication is imperative to a successful collaboration. In order for the shoot to be successful, your photographer should be asking all the right questions to get to the root of your vision. As you move forward with the photographer, it is important to articulate specific ideas you would like them to start off with and see what else they can bring to the table. Attentiveness is a vital attribute to a potential photographer as well, considering they are here to make this special day one to remember. During the initial meetings, it is helpful to see just how detail oriented they are and how they plan to elevate the venue and decor into flawless images of your bridal party.


5. Closeness/willingness to travel

Although you may already have ideas on how you would like the photographs of your wedding executed, the photographer will need to see the venue and examples of your decor/theme for your big day. By doing so, they will be able to devise a plan on how to capture the best shots within your venue. Documenting this momentous occasion is one of the largest aspects of your wedding, and you will need multiple interactions with the photographer to get these ideas right. If they are not located close to you or your venue, make sure to set up digital meetings to compensate. 


With these details hammered out, your vision can truly be captured in the most exquisite way. Your big day should be one to remember, and these photos will be momentos to last a lifetime. Finding a great photographer will help to cement precious memories of your celebration, and through these 5 tips, you will be sure to find a partnership that will transfer your vision and feel, into a tangible memory. Randy Fuhrman Events has been fortunate enough to work with reliable and talented photographers for the past few decades. 

If you are currently in need of a professional photographer, feel free to check out our Portfolio Page where we have showcased our previous events. We would be honored to assist you in eliminating one large stresser from your wedding planning to-do list. Our featured photographers have been recognized as some of the most distinguished artists in the event industry. Pictured within this article are a few samples from our previous events as time and time again, they have continued to get it right. These images will be a visual representation of the hard work that went into the planning and execution of your big day, and it is important to work with someone who can make your vision come to life.


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