5 Things Anyone Planning a Party Should Know!



With summer here, it’s time to throw that perfect summer party. No matter if you’re throwing it indoors or outdoors, as you know, every detail matters. Check out our article on 5 things that anyone planning a party should know. These points will be sure to help you with planning your next party and definitely make a great impression on your guests! Need more help with planning your next party? Then feel free to call Randy Fuhrman Events at (310) 854 - 0155 or visit our contact page.





While this one may sound like something that anyone throwing a party would automatically know to do, it may not be the easiest thing. With invitations, scheduling, & confirmations,  managing a guest list can come with its own challenges. We suggest creating an organized guest list that can be adjusted according to confirmations and allow for you to be able to see the whole picture of who will be attending. You can create a list using a digital software on your computer or one online. A great tool to use across all mediums would be google sheets as this is cloud-based and you can work on it across all of your devices. You can even send digital invitations via email or social media that will automatically update your list. 

We also recommend that when creating your guest list, that you switch it up and make things exciting by adding new friends & acquaintances or people that you haven’t seen in a while. This will not only allow you to see people who you haven’t seen in a while and make your party a great way for reconnecting but also add new and invigorating energy to your party! 



When you have a party, having drinks is an absolute essential. We recommend having plenty of mixers at your bar and creating a menu loaded with fun and exciting names. Maybe even a few that will throw off your guests and make them chuckle. Have some fun with the names! Also, be sure to have a set up that can allow for the guests to serve themselves easily and efficiently. When having a bartender, make sure they have an amazing personality as they are the first person your guests are mixing with and sets the mood of your party.



Yup, you read that right...signage. One of the most overlooked and important items at an event. Make sure that you have signage at the buffet for each dish that can be clearly read and understood. This way your guests can read what’s in each dish and be able to determine what they can eat.   



We highly recommend having variety in your dishes so that if there’s anyone with a special diet, that they too can eat. With all of the ever-changing diets, it’s best to have an assortment of dishes that can be eaten by vegetarians and even vegans. A variety in your dishes is a definite must-have. It’s always a good idea when inviting your guest to ask if they have any dietary needs.



As we know, needs for seating can always change with a party. Often people will bring someone with them or there may be a bigger turn out than expected. With this in mind, we recommend that you be sure to have enough seating for at least 60 percent of your guests unless it’s a sit-down dinner. If it’s something sit down, then it’s best to assess the total amount of guests that your event can handle and make it clear on invitations if attendees will be able to bring a plus one. 


Well, there you have it! 5 things that anyone planning an event should know and take into account for their special day (or night). We’d love to hear of what you think of these tips. Try these at your next event and let us know how they worked for you in the comment section below!