10 Safe Ways to Celebrate 4th of July




4th of July is that one holiday in the summer we all look forward to. There is nothing like sitting by the pool, eating scrumptious barbecue and waiting ‘till nightfall to light the sparklers. However, with all this fun, we need to be safe so everybody can relax and enjoy the 4th of July. Here are some tips and tricks to have a safe 4th of July!


1. Sound Proofing

We are gathered with our loved ones. We want everyone to be comfortable and most importantly have fun. Babies, toddlers, and young children are a great addition to any party, but with the noises from the fireworks, it can upset them. A reasonable and easy route to go would be to use noise canceling earbuds or headphones.


2. No Illegal Fireworks

We all can agree that lighting fireworks is the quintessential event for the 4th of July. For the safety of your loved ones and others, it's best to learn your local laws and regulations that prohibit you from using illegal fireworks. Keep in mind illegal fireworks can be very dangerous. Be sure to use only store-bought fireworks or those that are supplied by vendors. As they are more likely to be safer. Please check if your city is on the list for lighting fireworks.

For more information on what cities allow fireworks here is a site for classification on fireworks and where use is permitted, see below.

Link: http://www.ca-fireworks.presskit247.com/content/content-article.asp?ArticleID=508


3. Outdoor Use

With fireworks, the best way to be safe and still have fun lighting fireworks is being away from objects that will also combust. The 4th of July is a great way to celebrate your independence with a big bang, but burning down the neighborhood is something we all should try to avoid. So, be sure to ignite your fireworks on a stable surface stationed on concrete rather than grass.


4. Adult Supervision

Only adults should handle firecrackers and not children. The adult must ignite the fireworks in case of firework malfunctions.


5. Extinguisher and a Water Supply

Fireworks are fun but highly flammable. Some might have malfunctioned and go haywire, adding some unexpected sparks to your holiday. With those possibilities in mind, it’s best to be prepared for safety. Keep a bucket of water in the vicinity and if you can, even have a fire extinguisher just in case!


6. Do Not Reignite Fireworks that have Malfunctioned

It is very dangerous to relight fireworks that do not ignite or have malfunctioned. There may be residual effects from the malfunction. So, leave the damaged fireworks alone and start your celebration with a new firework.


7. Put Away Your Perishables

Food is a great way to bring people together. Throwing away or putting away anything that might cause food poisoning would keep everyone safe and happy. Consider separating two servings of dishes that contain perishable ingredients such as eggs, and fish. Ice down any of your foods that need refrigeration to make sure they stay safe.


8. Keep Your Pets in a Safe Room

We can agree that pets are one of your family members. You want them to be safe and comfortable. Big noises like fireworks can scare and stress your pets out. Keep them in an area where they are safe and can avoid all the loud sounds from the fireworks and they won’t run.

9. Watch Your Drinks

4th of July is a big celebration for both adults and children. Usually, adults would have a  drink or two. With the grilling, relaxing, and having fun, adults can misplace their alcoholic drinks. Make sure to keep your drinks in your hands or a place away from children and minors. Have a designated bar area for adults and then another area for the children so it is easy to make sure the kids are not getting into the liquor area.

10. Safe Grilling

4th of July is all about those burgers and hot dogs! With that in mind, grilling is the best way to go! You can grill safely by making sure to keep a safe distance from children, pets, and trees. Because it still is known to be a hazard due to the random bursts of flames and embers.

Roasted Cauliflower Soup


Roasted Cauliflower Soup


1 medium head of cauliflower, trimmed
1 pound yukon gold potatoes, scrubbed
2 medium-large cooking onions, peeled
2 sprigs of fresh rosemary chopped (about a tablespoon)
2 tbsp. avocado oil
2 cloves of garlic
salt to taste
1-teaspoon of white pepper
2 tbsp. of fresh lemon juice
5-6 cups vegetable stock (Trader Joe's has a great one)


1.     Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.

2.     Remove the core from the cauliflower and chop it into rough florets.

3.     Place the florets into a 9 x 13 glass baking dish.

4.     Add the 2 cloves of garlic

5.     Chop the potatoes into 1 inch pieces and toss them into the baking dish as well.

6.     Chop the onions into rough 1-2 inch pieces and toss them into the dish

7.     Add rosemary by sprinkling the rosemary over the vegetables in the dish.

8.     Salt the vegetables and season with pepper to taste. Add the oil and toss the vegetables until evenly coated with the oil, herb and seasoning.

9.     Roast vegetables for about an hour, flipping them with a spatula to get even browning.

10.  When done, remove from the oven and pour the lemon juice over the hot vegetables

11.  Toss the vegetables with the lemon juice, getting all the browned bits off the bottom.

12.  Cool vegetables

13.  Start blending vegetables in blender with stock until all blended

14.  Take soup pot and pour your mixture in and heat until starts to bubble.

15.  Turn down and simmer for ½ hour

Note: Serve soup hot with optional garnishes:  Garlic crouton, sourdough croutons, sautéed pine nuts, snipped chives, sautéed macadamia nuts


Photo credit: Sweet Pea & Saffron

Randy's Bundt Pan Stuffing

23509265_10214339499262610_5502564117858189329_o (1).jpg

Randy's Bundt Pan Stuffing


3- 6 oz bags of Mrs. Cubbison’s dressing your choice of herb or cornbread ( they have some new flavors out this season so pick what you would enjoy)
11/2 cup chopped onions 1/4 “
11/2 cup coarsely sliced celery
1 1/2lb LARGE sliced mushrooms sautéed in butter till golden and crisp. Then I flambé them with some sherry (this is important as it changes the flavor when you get your mushroom golden brown) if you are doing the Bundt pan then pull out the mushrooms you need to do the pan
1 cup sweet butter
1 cup chicken stock
½ cup sherry
Extra butter for the pan and you will need for when you do the mushrooms
I make extra so I have left over’s for the next few days


1 In bowl open you bags of dressing and pour in.
2 in sauce pan met your butter and heat your stock till simmering
3. then ad the onions and celery just to get you onions soft
4 add your sweet sherry
5. ad mushrooms and stir
6. then pour over you stuffing mix and stir or blend well till all is moist
Note if you like moister stuffing go ahead and ad more stock
From this point you can either stuff your turkey or put is in a buttered ring mold or Bundt pan and I baste with butter and then bake the stuffing till crisp on top and it will be moist on the middle which then makes everyone happy if you have family or guest that like moist and crisp.

To do like the picture I take my Bundt pan and butter the pan well then I take large nice looking slices of mushrooms, place on each large indentation on the Bundt pan, and then carefully add the stuffing on top
I put into a 350 oven until the top is crisp and crunchy about 35 to 45 minutes

Some Other Things You Can Add
1 lb cooked sausage (I like to do the spicy)
½ cup Sunsweet Cherry’s or Cranberry’s
1 cup of sautéed in butter pecans

It's National M & M Day



Do you know what the "M" and "M" stand for? 


After Mars came up with the idea for M&M's, he approached Bruce Murrie, son of Hershey’s Company president William Murrie, about going into business together. In addition to a financial partner, Murrie turned out to be a strategic ally for Mars since Hershey’s dominated the production of rationed chocolate during World War II. Murrie received a 20% stake in the company, and for several years M&M's were made using Hershey’s chocolate. The two M’s didn’t see eye-to-eye on the company’s direction, however, so in 1949 Mars bought out Murrie for $1 million and took control.