Cookie Cutter Treats

Are you wanting to host a breakfast, luncheon or dinner party and need a festive treat for your guests? Try our idea for elevating your traditional fruit tray! By incorporating cookie cutters, you can transform a simple option into a fun and creative design! Here is an opportunity to wow your guests with your attention to details. It requires little work and allows you to display that you have gone the extra mile with your presentation skills!


We recommend trying watermelon and pineapple as your featured fruit, but feel free to use your favorite ones! Those are the summer go-to fruits and your guests will surely appreciate the creativity behind your display. Remember to not cut your fruit thicker than the cookie cutter!


Dress up your fruit platters with this fun and festive idea for an added detail to your spread! For any catering needs, contact Randy Fuhrman Events at (310) 854-0155! Let us know what you thought about the article in the comment section below! We would love to hear from you!

3 Decorative Sandwich Wraps Ideas

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In need of a way to elevate the traditional sandwich? Try our ideas for decorative sandwich wraps to make this entree a bit more festive. Through these simple techniques, you can create a way to personalize these individual servings for your guests to enjoy! Whether it is for a tea party or a dinner with friends, try these tips to elevate your meal!

3 Decorative Sandwich Wraps Ideas


One method for arranging your sandwiches, can be done through wrapping individual servings within wax paper and tying them up with a decorative string. Through this method, the sandwich is displayed open-faced and is easily distinguished between the others. 


Parchment paper can also be found with different designs printed on them to add a unique touch to the sandwiches, once they are wrapped. You can differentiate the sandwiches by design and make each type personalized. This is also a great idea if you’re dealing with guests who have a wide range of diets or even food allergies.



Clear wrapping can also be attached to each serving of the sandwiches and with labels attached, your creative flair can be utilized as you add the names of the sandwiches with calligraphy. 


The beauty is in the details, and your guests will appreciate the added touches that went into putting together this tasty option. This is a phenomenal way to dress up an otherwise simple take on the sandwich. From high tea to a family gathering, the elegant touch of a personalized presentation will be appreciated for all to see.



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