Party Trends for Summer 2018



With summer having arrived, so come with it the beach days, summer parties, and staying cool through the day and into the late evening. School’s out, the family’s come to town, barbecues are a blazing, and everyone’s looking for that big party. Will yours be that one? Well if it is, then you have to check out these great party trends for this summer. They’ll be sure to make your party a great one and wow your guests. 


Party Trends for Summer 2018:



1. Nautical Theme

With summer just naturally comes the theme of water. With all of the people that rush to the beach, there are those that are bound to have the desire to go boating. So, why not bring that to them with the theme of your party. Nautical themes are all of the rage during the summer. With having a nautical themed party, you can not only have fun with the great aesthetics that come with it but even the wardrobe. You can compose your outfit with various shades and hues of reds, whites, and blues. 

You’ll find that with this theme there will be a lot of blues, whites, some browns and burlap, tropical plants, pier pilings (which you can get at prop houses), and natural textures in your fabrics. Other fun things that come with this theme are also anchors and ropes. If you can add large natural fiber ropes that are actually used for boating, then that will be sure to add something extra to your party. 

Now, if you’re planning on doing anything with sand or the theme of it near guest’s food, you can actually switch out the sand for brown sugar. You’ll find that the brown sugar looks like sand and if it gets in anyone’s food, it will only add a bit of sweetness. 

If you’re planning on having drinks, greeting your guests with nautical themed drinks is always a winner! Don’t forget about the soundscaping either. You can add something extra to the scene by putting on a soundscape of the beach with seagulls or sounds that you’d hear at the pier like boat horns in the background 

You can find a lot of items to use to dress your location at nautical themed stores or even thrift stores in and around beach communities. Thrift stores in these type of communities are bound to have items that are meant to be on or in the water. You can also find great props online.





2. Plants and Greenery 

Plants are an excellent way to dress up or embellish the location of a summer party. Just be sure that the plants that you choose match the theme of the event that you’re hosting. Plants will of course not only provide the space with more oxygen, but also liven it up. If you’re looking for plants that will match your theme, pinterest is a great place to find excellent ideas for plant arrangements and design for your party. Just make sure not to use pointy sharp leaves or plants with thorns in areas guests will be gathering or passing through so your guests don’t get caught or stuck by them. 




3. Romance 

Yes, it’s that time of year where summer romance is in the air. Not to mention all of the summer weddings that are happening. If you’re planning a romantic fantasy party, there are definitely a variety of elements that you need to add to your place to set the mood. 

Music will set the mood. So pick the style that matches the romantic mood you are trying to set with a great playlist. Lighting will set the feeling, so spend some time thinking of the color palate you would like to use and the type of feeling you want to be produced by the lighting choices you make. Fairy lights and candles are always a good way to start. When choosing your flowers, decide what colors you want to use and what scents you want in the air. In planning your menu, use colors and textures in order to create romantic signage. 




Credit: The Martino Flynn Blog

Credit: The Martino Flynn Blog

4. Generation Z Yellow 

With some calling Generation Z Yellow the new pink and even the new black, this yellow is a great addition to your summer party. Possessing it’s own vibrance, this color will be sure to lighten and liven up any party. Just be sure to use the color in creative ways by using it as the color theme for a section of your party that you would like for attention to be brought to as this is a color that will be sure to stand out. In this case, using it around your bar area, buffet, or seating area would be great as these are all areas that you would want for people to gravitate towards and you can be creative with the ways in which you use it. 

Gen Z Yellow can be the color of the cups or signage/menus at the bar, the table cloths of your guest seating or buffet, and more! We recommend that before purchasing items in this color in bulk, that you see how this color can be incorporated into the theme of your party by collecting an assortment of images that align with the theme and layout of your party to determine what the color pallet of your event will be and if Gen Z Yellow is right for you. As assortment of yellow always works to give you some texture. 



download (2).jpg

5. Outdoor and Garden Parties

Summer is the perfect time of the year for summer or garden parties. With outdoor parties, be sure to select a space that will be able to provide shade. If your location doesn’t have much space for shade, then you should think about how to create shade for your guests to be comfortable. You can do this by adding the elements of umbrellas. Keep in mind that you can find an assortment of different styles of umbrellas from rental companies that will be able to fit and accommodate the theme of your party. Also, if the area is large, you might want to think about putting up an open canopy. In selecting an outdoor space for your event, you will also want to make sure that there are certain amenities for your guests such as enough room for seating, restrooms nearby and enough room for a grill or any other workspace that you will need for cooking and for your bar.

In addition to this, you’ll want to make sure that your buffet will have some form of cover for each of the food items if your party is during the day. As with a garden party comes insects that will try to get into your food. So to protect your food, use mesh covers and a Centinela candle which will help keep a lot of the flying insects away. 

For the seating of your event, you can do with a few different styles in this case. Depending on the style of the garden that you are throwing your party, seating can come in a variety of forms and styles. Ranging from fold up chairs to lounge chairs and even bar stools depending on the layout. Plus having stand up tables and sit down tables for ⅔ of your guests will help with seating arrangements. There is something for every theme of party and every style of garden. Check with your local rental companies to see what your choices are. We at Randy Fuhrman Events use Town and Country. 

Finally, but not least, what to wear! At an outdoor or garden party, there is no shortage of wardrobe choices. Light-colored fabrics are always a great choice as they will help you with staying cool in the sun. Also, choosing fabrics that are light in weight and breathable so that you’re most comfortable at your party.



Well, there you have it. Five summer party trends of 2018 that will be sure to make your party stand out. Be sure to share what your summer party experiences are like this year in the comment section below. We would love to hear what you think of the trending items that we listed and what trends you try at your next party! 


10 Safe Ways to Celebrate 4th of July




4th of July is that one holiday in the summer we all look forward to. There is nothing like sitting by the pool, eating scrumptious barbecue and waiting ‘till nightfall to light the sparklers. However, with all this fun, we need to be safe so everybody can relax and enjoy the 4th of July. Here are some tips and tricks to have a safe 4th of July!


1. Sound Proofing

We are gathered with our loved ones. We want everyone to be comfortable and most importantly have fun. Babies, toddlers, and young children are a great addition to any party, but with the noises from the fireworks, it can upset them. A reasonable and easy route to go would be to use noise canceling earbuds or headphones.


2. No Illegal Fireworks

We all can agree that lighting fireworks is the quintessential event for the 4th of July. For the safety of your loved ones and others, it's best to learn your local laws and regulations that prohibit you from using illegal fireworks. Keep in mind illegal fireworks can be very dangerous. Be sure to use only store-bought fireworks or those that are supplied by vendors. As they are more likely to be safer. Please check if your city is on the list for lighting fireworks.

For more information on what cities allow fireworks here is a site for classification on fireworks and where use is permitted, see below.



3. Outdoor Use

With fireworks, the best way to be safe and still have fun lighting fireworks is being away from objects that will also combust. The 4th of July is a great way to celebrate your independence with a big bang, but burning down the neighborhood is something we all should try to avoid. So, be sure to ignite your fireworks on a stable surface stationed on concrete rather than grass.


4. Adult Supervision

Only adults should handle firecrackers and not children. The adult must ignite the fireworks in case of firework malfunctions.


5. Extinguisher and a Water Supply

Fireworks are fun but highly flammable. Some might have malfunctioned and go haywire, adding some unexpected sparks to your holiday. With those possibilities in mind, it’s best to be prepared for safety. Keep a bucket of water in the vicinity and if you can, even have a fire extinguisher just in case!


6. Do Not Reignite Fireworks that have Malfunctioned

It is very dangerous to relight fireworks that do not ignite or have malfunctioned. There may be residual effects from the malfunction. So, leave the damaged fireworks alone and start your celebration with a new firework.


7. Put Away Your Perishables

Food is a great way to bring people together. Throwing away or putting away anything that might cause food poisoning would keep everyone safe and happy. Consider separating two servings of dishes that contain perishable ingredients such as eggs, and fish. Ice down any of your foods that need refrigeration to make sure they stay safe.


8. Keep Your Pets in a Safe Room

We can agree that pets are one of your family members. You want them to be safe and comfortable. Big noises like fireworks can scare and stress your pets out. Keep them in an area where they are safe and can avoid all the loud sounds from the fireworks and they won’t run.

9. Watch Your Drinks

4th of July is a big celebration for both adults and children. Usually, adults would have a  drink or two. With the grilling, relaxing, and having fun, adults can misplace their alcoholic drinks. Make sure to keep your drinks in your hands or a place away from children and minors. Have a designated bar area for adults and then another area for the children so it is easy to make sure the kids are not getting into the liquor area.

10. Safe Grilling

4th of July is all about those burgers and hot dogs! With that in mind, grilling is the best way to go! You can grill safely by making sure to keep a safe distance from children, pets, and trees. Because it still is known to be a hazard due to the random bursts of flames and embers.

Cranberry Raspberry Orange Relish



1 bag fresh cranberries (14-16 oz.)

1 10 oz. bag frozen raspberries

1 orange (cut bottom and top off and cut into 1/8ths)

1 small can whole berry Ocean Spray cranberry sauce

1 cup orange marmalade



1.     Use food processor. Put all oranges and fresh cranberries in food processor. Pulse until you have desired coarseness.

2.     The add the defrosted raspberries, the orange marmalade and the whole berry cranberry sauce and pulse until the desired mixture you would like


NOTE: You can do this a few days ahead so the flavors blend. It will hold for at least 2 weeks. If this is an adult party, you can use a ½ cup Grand Marnier

Randy's Flourless, Gluten Free Gravy



1/2 Cup sweet sherry

All the roasted vegetables from the turkey in the cavity and around the turkey

(I use 1 bunch of celery, 6 large carrots, 3 large onions)
I season my turkey with paprika (not smoked), garlic, butter, salt and pepper

All the juices from the turkey

Some of the skin and turkey off the bone (you cannot use from carvings after you have carved the turkey.)

2 cups chicken stock


1. Take a small stock pot and place all ingredients.  Simmer in a pot for about 45 minutes until all vegetables are completely tender.  Get a blender and start taking small patches of the mixture with the juices and blend until smooth.  Keep doing until all liquid and mixture is done.  Take a look and taste (you can add Kitchen Bouquet to darken a little).

NOTE: This can be done the day ahead and reheated.  If too thick, use some chicken stock.