With Randy Fuhrman Events, you can guarantee that your event will be taken care of by top of the line professionals. With our full-service catering and event production, Randy Fuhrman Events handles every detail of your event, ultimately saving you time and stress and making the event process immaculately easy. Rather than having to deal with a multitude of vendors, attempting to find the perfect venue for your location, the hassle of arranging guests, you can relinquish it all to us. Able to produce events anywhere from personal to corporate, we know what's right for you. Become a guest to your own event! Using Randy Fuhrman Events to plan your next event isn't just a purchase, it's an investment. 



Are you looking to impress investors and clients with a company event? How about a product launch for the project that you've been developing and working on for so long? No matter the type of event, Randy Fuhrman Events has you covered. With over 46 Years of experience in the Special Events industry and working for beloved clients such as Capitol Records, Paramount Pictures, Deloitte & Touche, Ernst & Young, and City of Hope, our team knows exactly what it takes to bring your event to make and make it all that it can be. With our company philosophy that every event is unique in its own, your event will be created custom to you and your organization, representing it in the most esteemed of qualities. Bring your event to life like no other with the help of Randy Fuhrman Events! 

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With Birthdays, Family Dinners, and Graduations seeming to always be around the corner, there's always an event to be had. Celebrate your loved ones and the bonds that you have for each other with the help of Randy Fuhrman Events. Why worry about the minute details of your event when you should be enjoying it? From the food to the staff to to the decor, Randy Fuhrman Events has your back. Don't plan the event, enjoy the event! Remember, We Create So You Can Celebrate!



As one of the most important days of anyone's life, a wedding is something that should always be remembered. Time after time, Randy Fuhrman Events has done just that, create weddings that are remembered for a lifetime. With our personalized wedding services, we guarantee that your special day will be exactly as you want it and that every detail of your wedding is being handled by one of our dedicated staff. Randy Fuhrman Events is there for you every step of the way through your wedding process and offers services that range from creating your special day from Point A to Point Z or at any point in the wedding process.