Book your complimentary  consultation! 

Thank you for contacting Randy Fuhrman Events to plan your special event and design your gourmet menu. We are very excited to partner with you and look forward to hearing from you. 

What's included in your complimentary consultation?

In your consultation, one of our team members will discuss with you all of the details that you see for your event and provide you with top of the line industry expert advice on what the next steps of your event art and how Randy Fuhrman Events can help you with every stop along the way.

Why do I need a consultation?
With a complimentary consultation, you'll be able to get top of the line industry feedback on your event and learn of what Randy Fuhrman Events can do to make your event a success. 

How long is your consultation?
Complimentary consultations last for 30 minutes. 

How are consultations conducted?
Consultations are via phone. One of our dedicated team members will contact you within 48 hours after your form submission. 

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